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We offer a beautiful selection of handcrafted malas including 108 bead malas and wrist malas.

100% of the proceeds from your purchases at Nectar benefit the youth programs of the Amala Foundation and its various humanitarian service projects. To understand the type of transformational experiences your purchase will be supporting, please take a look at our Global Youth Peace Summit video.
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Carnelian Mala image Labradorite Malas image Rose Quartz Mala image
Carnelian Mala
Our Price: $46.00
Labradorite Mala
Our Price: $72.00
Rose Quartz Mala
Our Price: $32.00
  • Carnelian malas promote creativity, motivation, courage, willpower, and self confidence.
  • Carnelian is a grounding element, focusing the wearer's energy and attention in the present.
  • It is also considered an aid to detoxing from drugs and alcohol.

  • This labradorite mala awakens intuitive abilities.
  • Amplifies effects of prayers and affirmations.
  • Offers psychic protection and releases fear.
  • Labradorite malas aligns all chakras and strengthens auras.
  • The gemstone of magic and protection, recommended for use on an alter.
  • A great aid in meditation as it is full of adventure, helping one to connect to their inner self.
  • The love stone, love of self and others, opens the heart.
  • Brings forgiveness.
  • Promotes healing to the wearer.
  • Known as a stone of love for all including the self and Mother Earth, the Universe and the Divine.
  • Will bring soothing energy, stress relief, love, emotional healing, cleansing, release of anger and resentment and a rebirth of trust, love and faith.
sandalwood mala image unakite malas image Black Onyx Mala image
Sandalwood Mala
Our Price: $19.00
Unakite Mala
Our Price: $39.00
Black Onyx Mala
Our Price: $46.00
  • This sweet smelling sandalwood mala, or prayer beads, helps overcome obstacles on the Yogic path.
  • Purifying and strengthening the mind, sandalwood emits positive energy and aids in clear perception.
  • Wearing Sandalwood acts as an antidepressant, antiseptic, and a sedative.
  • Rub the sandalwood mala in the hand for a few seconds to release its fragrance whenever you need it!
  • Unakite is a deep healing stone.
  • Our unakite mala guides intuition to help us access the underlying core of problems so that old habits may be released.
  • Connecting one to the earth, it can unleash buried emotional pain to support deep personal growth.
  • Black Onyx offers its wearer spiritual strength and protection.
  • It is thought to banish stress, grief and negativity while promoting vigor, steadfastness and stamina.
  • Beneficial to healthy bones, marrow and blood, this stone enhances self-control and stimulates the power of wise decision-making.
amazonite mala image amethyst mala image tulsi wrist mala image
Amazonite Mala
Our Price: $74.00
Amethyst Mala
Our Price: $57.00
Tulsi Wrist Mala
Our Price: $5.00
  • This beautiful and calming amazonite stone and mala connects the heart to the throat to help one speak their truth with compassion.
  • It’s considered a stone of luck and hope.
  • It allows one to become more confident and manifest one’s desires.
  • It balances the masculine/feminine polarities, stills the mind and reduces self-limiting behaviors.
  • Amethyst malas are known for strengthening intuition, psychic awareness and spiritual power.
  • Associated with the third eye and crown chakra, an Amethyst mala is thought to provide spiritual protection and purification.
  • As an aid in meditation, it stills thought to move you to higher states of consciousness and keep your energy field in a state of balance and overall well-being!
  • Tulsi, or sacred basil, increases devotion, promotes spiritual growth, and provides protection to the wearer.
  • It’s believed to be the most sacred of the woods used in meditation.
  • Tulsi malas clear the aura and helps balance vata and kapha doshas.
rosewood wrist malas unakite wrist malas rhodonote wrist mala
Rosewood Wrist Mala
Our Price: $9.00
Unakite Wrist Mala
Our Price: $13.00
Rhodonite Wrist Mala
Our Price: $27.00
  • Rosewood represents Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.
  • Rosewood wrist malas offer protection to the wearer by keeping out negative energy and strengthening the aura.
  • Rosewood wrist malas also have multiple health benefits. It helps fight viruses and regenerate cells, is good for jet lag and skin inflammations, and aids in relaxation without making you drowsy.
  • Unakite is a deep healing stone.
  • Unakite wrist malas guide intuition to help us access the underlying core of problems so that old habits may be released.
  • Connecting ether to earth, unakite wrist malas can unleash buried emotional pain to support deep personal growth.
  • Rhodonite wrist malas attract opportunities to love.
  • Brings compassion and love for others.
  • Purifying and detoxifying.
  • Helps to bring one’s gifts forward from the heart.